It all started when...


Stefanie Coronas is a makeup artist and licensed aesthetician, who specializes in beauty, photography, bridal and special effects makeup.

In 2009 Stefanie graduated as a business administrator in Passau, Germany. From there, she went ahead and got higher education in the field of tax consulting.

Her passion has always been in the field of the beauty industry, so in 2013, she decided to go back to school to become a licensed aesthetician. She realized right away that this was a good foundation, but not enough to become what she wanted to be -A makeup artist. So she went ahead and became certified as a professional makeup artist in both Germany and the United States.

Ever since then, she has been working as a professional freelance makeup artist and officially opened her own full-time business in 2015.

Due to her husband being in the military, she has clients from all over the world and specializes in makeup applications for all skin tones.